Wednesday, February 13, 2013

What style of music would you would like to play?

When I get a new student, I always ask the student what kind of music they would like to play? Some don't answer me but many do! Some say fiddle, celtic, Irish, Scottish, Cajun, or of course classical. Some like hymns, others like contemporary Christian music, and many students like to play by ear. Young students often love the Suzuki books while many students like shorter pieces like the Applebaum series.

We teach scales and positions and etudes also. There is a rich history for the string instruments with these materials. We do it all!

Directions to Bearden United Methodist Church

Dear Parents and Students:

     Our rehearsals and recital are at Bearden United Methodist Church. Take I40 to Papermill Rd Northshore Dr exit. Go south to Kingston Pike, make a left and go to Westwood Dr.(There is a CVS Pharmacy on the corner.) Make a left on Westwood. Go to Sutherland Ave and make a right and go a couple of blocks and the church will be on the left.

My teaching is comprehensive and inclusive

I teach many students at Lunsford's Musical Instruments Inc, Walters State Community College on both the Morristown and Sevierville campuses, and as a substitute teacher in the Knox County Schools. I take pride in my expertise in the violin and viola, from a technical and musical basis. I am a teacher of violin and viola students from all different backgrounds and expectations. We work with where the students and parents are at any given point and work in a positive manner with their self esteem and confidence. We don't motivate in a fear base way but for a love of playing violin and viola in an artistic way. I teach and my lessons are structured to help students with issues of learning and holding on to concepts, understanding pitch, sound, rhythm, and vibrations of the instrument. We assist with the care of the instrument and bow, learning how to take gentle care of this precious equipment. We recommend reliable and first rate repair shops for maintaining the student's equipment.

I bring my three decades of experience as a full time performer with orchestras and chamber music groups into the lessons.I play for the students and with the students regularly.We aim to make playing fun and inspiring even if it is hard work! Enjoy!

I teach my students hopefully a good foundation mechanically where they have a relaxed but expressive bow arm that consists of a good follow through from the upbow to the downbow, good finger motion, and a relaxed shoulder. Their left hand works with the fingers setting good patterns and the proper whole and half step placement on the fingerboard. The student learns about the key signatures in the music and eventually translates that into these patterns or clusters of fingers. The student learns to identify these in the music itself. It is a process that takes time but its rewards are quite beneficial for the long term for the developing student.