Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Posts on Facebook by Parents and Students!

I am happy to place posts on Fox Teaching Studio Facebook Page. The admins have set this up so that I can either approve or disapprove a request to post. This extra step is to protect the studio from hackers, or just bad posts. We wish this to be user friendly and gentle for all ages of students! Photos are great as are announcements but videos are problematic. We don't want someone playing out of tune or not rhythmically to be focused on with social media. I rejected many offers of putting my playing on You Tube until I found a performance of mine that was particularly of good quality. Same for social media. So, categorically, I am stating "No videos."

If you want to post something like a photo etc please do ask the permission of the other people in the potential post. When a picture of the students with Pam and I at my recent recital at the college was proposed for the college Facebook page as well as mine, I made sure everyone to be in the picture was in agreement for this!

Enjoy posting safely and effectively and do have fun with this! Thank you!!