Monday, March 18, 2013

Suggestions on communication and high tech issues

Dear Parents and Students:

     I am overall pleased with how the studio is functioning. I do have the following suggestions:

1) When I leave you a message regarding a schedule change and a suggested time, please return the phone call as quickly as possible. If there is a delay and I don't know your answer, I cannot offer the time you cannot use to another student who has a schedule issue. I would like to be able to give as many options to the students and parents as possible. Thank you! This is an issue with a large studio as mine. Please telephone and not e-mail or text a response.

2) If you have only given me a cell phone number as your only phone, please provide if possible, a landline number as a backup in case the cell phone malfunctions as my Android sometimes does. At least provide a second number and check it frequently.

3) If you text me for any other reason, please identify yourself in the text. I don't list students numbers in my phone contacts. I appreciate that!

4)There are not as many schedules as in the past because I am no longer in the Knoxville Symphony. Please make sure you write down the changes when they occur and hold on to them.(or place in your phone etc.)
It is hard for me to have to call back a student to remind the student or the parent of the change and my calendar is only at home on my desk. I avoid double booking by using only one calendar. I know this is not high tech!

5) Regarding high tech devises, I do realize that we will be using technology such as reading music off of a devise. I don't want distracting games being played in the room that distracts the student and teacher. I will leave my cell phone on of course. Please turn your phone off or on vibrate. I appreciate your cooperation in this matter! Of course you can go out in the hall to perform these functions!

    Thank you for being such a good set of parents and students. I consider this a blessing an honor!!